About Joyce

Newly-transplanted to South Carolina from the Boston area, Joyce Finn has built a solid reputation as a freelance writer specializing in business and travel writing.

A frequent contributor to American Business Quarterly, Green Business Quarterly, Green Business & Design and Luxury Homes, Joyce is known for her articles highlighting the construction industry and green technology.

Her article on older workers joining the work force, originally published in Inc.com, was picked up on MSNBC.com.

Joyce has mined her experiences living abroad (South Africa, Australia and Bermuda) for travel articles published in The Robb Report, The Bermudian and The Traveler.

Her fiction is as international as she is. Joyce has published in nearly as many continents as she has lived: Scarp Literary Magazine (Australia, Canada), Tears in the Fence (United Kingdom), The Brobdingnagian Times (Ireland)and UmUm Literary Magazine (Bermuda). Her play, Stella and her Steelheaded Men was performed in Bermuda.