Welcome to Writers and Critters

Writers and Critters is an on-line international women-only group for serious working writers intent on honing their craft for publication. We have admission and monthly participation requirements. Critiques are aimed at strengthening short fiction, creative non-fiction, and all other writing forms. If you're serious about your writing, we may be just the group for you.

Currently, our members live in The United States, Canada, Norway, Ireland, China, South Africa, Germany and the Netherlands. For most, English is their native language. For others, expressing themselves in English presents unique opportunities for both writer and critiquer.

All writers have been published and most are actively pursuing a continued presence in the various forms of media we have today: books, magazines, e-zines, literary reviews, podcasts, anthologies.

Writers and Critters has been in existence as an online critiquing group since 2001. We take great pride in our longevity and feel it is a testament not only to the high standards of work submitted, but also to the genuine friendships that have emerged throughout the years.

We have held three conferences since 2007 and were delighted that virtually all our members have made every one, even our overseas friends. The conferences are held along the banks of the Potomac River in Virginia, just 25 minutes and a world apart from Dulles International Airport. Plans are underway for our next conference, scheduled for the fall of 2011.